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Talking Points

1. RFK Jr. insinuated Jews and Chinese are safe. RFK Jr. is a highly-intelligent demagogue and sophist. His audiences are stooges and useful idiots. He's also a Q spreader.

2. Tom Cruise is going to space.

3. Trump standing ovation for Beautiful Hillary and Bill Clinton https://twitter.com/marybeth5025/status/1680492229142405121?s=20

"Many of them and I are friends "

"She used to be crooked Hillary but I took that off and give it to Biden. Now she is beautiful Hillary. Once I give you a name you keep it all your life, but I took it off Hillary. Many of these people are actually now friends of mine..."

- Donald Trump 2023

4. Is the stupidity deliberate? IMO, yes. I think we are seeing agents operating a campaign of cognitive sabotage.

5. Keep snorting that Hopium, drinking the Qool-Aid, and freebasing that Qrack, Qultists. Meanwhile, Trump says he's friends with the Clintons now. Haha.

6. 7/16 Kubrick Kennedy Code ….. Apollo 11 launched from Kennedy Space Center. Eye Wide Shut release. Trinity Test 7/16/46 5:29 am, JFK born 5/29. JFK Jr crashes. #metascript

7. Dr. Buzz Aldrin

54 years ago today, #Apollo11 launched…Eagle soaring from Earth atop the Saturn V, bound for the Moon. It seems like only yesterday that we embarked on the mission of a lifetime – a mission for all mankind, a mission I hope will continue to inspire well into our future.

8. HOLLYWOOD GRINDS TO A HALT | Movies & Shows Paused | Fears A.I Will Replace Jobs | Disney, Netflix, Amazon Suffer

More than 170,000 Hollywood actors and writers go on strike against studios including Disney, Netflix, Amazon and Sony.

Here’s a list of movies and shows affected by the strike:

- Beetlejuice 2 w/ Tim Burton and Michael Keaton

- Deadpool 3 w/ Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

- Gladiator 2 w/ Denzel Washington and Paul Mescal

- Juror #2 w/ Clint Eastwood

- Lilo & Stitch by Disney

- Minecraft

- Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two w/ Tom Cruise

- Mortal Kombat 2

- Venom 3 w/ Tom Hardy

A-lister actors such as George Clooney, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt, Margot Robbie, Florence Pugh, Jason Sudeikis and Susan Sarandon are among the stars supporting the strikes.

Christopher Nolan stated he will not produce any films during the strikes.

The strikers grievances included increased pay, guarantees of work, and most interestingly, assurances their work WON’T BE REPLACED BY A.I.

The studios argue that the unions' demands are unrealistic, given the challenges the entertainment industry faces, from streaming to fallout from the pandemic. “This is the worst time in the world to add to that disruption,” - Disney's CEO.

The studios have vowed to "stand firm" in the face of the strike. Janice Min, an industry expert, stated “If this goes on for a long time, you will feel it across the whole internet.”

9. RFK Jr. touched his nose. This is why JFK JR. is believed to be alive by deranged Qultists. https://www.tiktok.com/@ernesto_mdiaz/video/6964593927953337605?lang=en

10. The Blue to Red Pipeline. Controlled Dissent, Woke and Red vs Blue.

11. Tucker as Joker/ Riddler

12/ "Harry Potter is Satanic witchcraft used to lure young kids into the occult." ---saw this in a tweet. Can this be confirmed? Ask your wiccan friend."

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NewYork Times is the prime mocking bird!

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Q spreader? Or Qtatds seeing and hearing things? Rabbis rushed to RFK’s defense.

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CIA has long sought race specific weapons.

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NO. RFK jr just quoted correctly a scientific study on how the spike protein interact with cells of different races.

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