I need to get a hold of tim. Thank you very much. You guys are great and waiting long time to talk to you.

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Thanks for doing these Tim, this is the real deal! One of a kind no 🧢

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Tim sir,

I have a long letter but this is better maybe . I like my coded letters but I’m asking you for a what’s app or private talk . I have so much to share with you . My lifes work . I’m real and it’s. Book easy easy do you want to interview me? I opened hell and have proof . My new mri came back different so I’m not worried about anyone . Yes I am . I care what everyone thinks so what. I e been through hell. 18 years . Need friend for the last couple years . Or an interview and a book . I don’t want to talk about me. But I have first person experiences and I can’t say a problem unless I say the solution for my best attempt so I don’t waste your time there’s a window right now I think God please give me a friend 720 384 85__ mark

I don't want to be the one who opened the gates of hell, but it happened. It took me 13 years to learn how to keep the door open, and everyone wanted it closed. I lost everything, my wife and son twice, and everything else was taken from me. I was tricked into having the leader come to my home, and it ended in my body being torn apart. But I was able to heal and continue my mission to empty hell. I witnessed the worst, but I have a plan to make heaven for God and bridge man's heaven with God's heaven. I have a new money system ready to go and hope to make a positive change in the world. I have faced many challenges, but I believe in the power of forgiveness and the potential for everyone to do good. I am reaching out for help and hope to find someone who can understand and support me on this journey. Thank you for your kindness and support.



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Have you considered publishing this on your own sub stack? Very interesting ideas

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Tim; you got to check out this interview that Dr. Shiva did today! It got heated and either the host pulled the plug or the internet stopped them in mid sentence.


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When you disrupt the human cellular system all kinds of damage are imaginable

In this interview, Dr David Rasnick says (slightly paraphrased): "I do not equivocate at all. There is no C19 'vaccine', these are lethal and highly toxic injections. If anyone asks me, I say: 'Do NOT take these injections, you will regret it if you do, they are very, very dangerous'. After a year-and-a-half of looking at this stuff, my personal feeling is that it was never about a 'virus'; the 'virus' was the excuse to inject people with this very toxic stuff. Why? I really think we are in the process of WW3; this is a global takeover. It normally takes at least 10 years to approve a vaccine but we did this in 90 days. No safety studies, no toxicity studies, no efficacy studies, and it will not protect you against getting SARS-CoV-2, which by the way no one has, or from spreading it. This injection offers no advantage, no benefit, but tremendous potential for harm and even death. When you disrupt the human cellular communications system on such a scale as this, all kinds of damage are imaginable".


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Dr. Shiva exposes what's really happening between the conflict of Israel and the Palestine people!


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Im a dummy after all the mental work.this aliens and angels just wont use English but the world hack is using it.aka satan. his wife more or less killed mine. I have picture of her. but stubborn 2nd wife who was a high school friend from Czech almost died so I healed her normal ways and we got married . do you care ...hell no but im screwed up a little. full of information thou and I owe you and your people. thank you for the caring love. that is the first word our schools would teach after puberty . keep kids at home and why do we work to live here. because it would be boring as hell if we didn't. making heaven keeping money. the new money needs some equipment first. I have your backs im upfront and honest and very open. opened hell in 2006 survived still here but need some humans to just be nice and real. your saving my world because my best friend normally leaves when his helper gives up. but that wont happen again.im a real friend and I might say I love everyone because I need to . and I can justify for humanity so well I think that's what is really happening to me. I started age 12 im 48 two wives two boys and one 30 talk with Tim sir. im ready now because I will be telling the courts in two days . asap and I am next to people not behind or infront.equal rights for angels . I will be here talking to family. I can't be public for 1 1/2 years. I trust Tim. I believe he is a angel protector..his best friend is probably God. I talk too much . thank you

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Greetings. I had an idea a couple of years ago to 'Resurrect Poetry'. Slayer's Disciple was released on that awful day and the lyrics are hair-raising. Many of them masses are unaware of the truth that is buried underground. Carved Into Stone, you could say. 'Sound the Alarm' or 'Child Inside' by Anacrusis. 'S.N.A.P.' by D.R.I. 'Subterfuge' by Vio-lence.

More recently, 'No One's Master' by Accept. 'The Electric Cell' by Death Angel.

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