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Conspiracies are real, the fake news is faker than the media can admit, and it's entertaining as hell to dissect their lies. That’s what we do in the IPS Think Tank.

Infinite Plane Radio is the voice of the Infinite Plane Society, a think tank assembled around mass media deconstruction. The community of listeners, callers, and commenters is committed to honest inquiry into matters deemed conspiracy and fringe from an “off-world stage perspective”.

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Tim Ozman is the host of Infinite Plane Radio and has remained at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017.

As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has presided over a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

The Research Flat Earth viral marketing campaign was started by IPS, the Infinite Plane Society. They worked with "world's greatest daredevil Mad Mike Hughes" to further this successful marketing phenomenon.

The Infinite Plane Society gathers in the Infinite Plane Radio chatrooms known for the penguin avatars and "blue wrenches."

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What the IPS Insititute offers:

  • We are developing advanced courses covering topics such as

    • mindwar inoculation

    • media literacy

    • psyop deconstruction

    • metascript analysis

  • Courses feature:

    • Concise and informative content

    • Glossary of terms with each course

    • Audio version included (read by author)


The Daily Beast on the IPS:

"This is shitposting into oblivion. This is the information equivalent of clear-cutting a forest...

" https://thedailybeast.com/inside-the-flat-earth-conference-where-the-worlds-oldest-conspiracy-theory-is-hot-again


Research Flat Earth Print

They’re behind an electronic billboard along I-76 in Philadelphia’s Grays Ferry neighborhood with a simple three-word message that doubles as a polite request: “Research Flat Earth.”

“Looking to raise awareness on the flat earth,” read the pitch on the “Flat Earth Billboard Philly Airport” GoFundMe mission that raised the requisite $900 within 16 days in late May. “The support is most appreciated :)”—

Thanks to that money, the group's message has been played about seven miles from Philadelphia International Airport nearly 10,000 times since early last week.


I Don't Believe In Science,' Says Flat-Earther Set To Launch Himself In Own  Rocket : The Two-Way : NPR

“…In 2017, he called in to the Infinite Plane Society, a live-stream YouTube channel that discusses Earth’s flatness and other matters…”



The IPS Think Tank has been in existence for a number of years and has been consistent. We have resisted the echo chambering tendency that most conspiracy oriented groups get into. I suppose we lack the reverence for body counts in the atrocity propaganda. Truth seeking requires a level of irreverence to call things out as they are irrespective of how some people might react.

From the very beginning we created the Infinite Plane Society to exist outside of the assumed closed system of the Flat Earth Society which posits that we exist underneath a dome. Mark Sergant is the most prominent card-carrying member of the Flat Earth Society and leading proponent of the Domed, “enclosed world” model. Sargent sells it as a science fiction-y proposition which then leads to “god.” Many Domer flat earthers lost their athiesm when they found the dome model as evidence of a creator.

The concept of the Infinite Plane Society was not to posit the existence of an “infinite plane” as a model but to merely say that the observable plane is all that we can see and that to assume a boundary to make it into a model is illogical. Losing trust in the model we have been given doesn’t necessarily mean we jump to the next untested one.

“Infinite” until proven finite. If the earth doesn’t have a curve to it, then it can’t be finite. That would requires an edge or. aboundary. The same goes for the iuniverse, assumed to be flat and infinite. There’s no indication it curves into a sphere or that it ends suddently. We just don’t know. I will take my “I don’t know” over any subjective, untested, or unfalsifiable belief.

Even if the Earth is a ball, the human being it will always be flat and if you keep going in the same direction you're going to either come around the other side of a ball so large it's perceptibly flat, or you're going to find out that there was never a curve and there's more. But I don't know what's there. Any more than the standard model believer knows what's at the edge of the universe. The only difference between the flat universer and the flat earther is where they place the edge of human knowledge.

People who believe in the ball Earth believe in a finite discrete object in a vast abyss. This would place the edge of human knowledge at the edge of space as we understand it, what's the edge of the universe, it's assumed it's expanding from The Big Bang.

This means that the Universe does not have an edge necessarily, and nobody knows what is at the edge of the universe. Those who believe in this infinite expanding universe we'll look at the Flat Earth topic and ask what's at the edge? Assuming an edge. I don't assume an edge any more than they do about their universe. 

What I am positing is that our ignorance doesn't begin trillions of light years away but rather begins a few thousand miles away because this model which presupposes a curve may actually be artificially reducing the size of the world.

The trouble is, topic was bottled up on YouTube and dominated by religious interests that wished to keep it confined underneath a supposed Dome. The problem with the Dome proposition is that it assumes the land that we've seen is all that there is and it makes no attempt to answer what's beyond this supposed Dome. To me it looked like we were simply trading in one closed system for another. Moreover, it's premature to assume that you know the new model without having tested and verified it, and there isn't any exploration from among those asserting there's a dome. For them studying Biblical scripture is a priority not cartography.

Infinite Plane Society was always an outsider group. As things evolved we initiated a series of actions to break this topic out of the YouTube echo chambers against the wishes of the majority of content creators on the subject. This included a billboard which said to "research flat earth."? we didn't earth was flat, he didn't say the Bible says the Earth is flat; we merely said research it.

This got the attention of world's greatest Daredevil who put the message on his rocket, and catapulted the message into the mainstream in a way that no internet debate could ever do.

My point of it is, we have always been about breaking the assumed closed systems boundaries. And right now the world view shared by the massified mind is a closed system. The truthers are part of this closed system as they represent the Fringe on the political horseshoe, and while they have accepted an alternative body of facts, they have not arrived at a truth outside of mass media's framework.

What we are doing is entirely separate from the alternative controlled opposition red herring chasing false flag believing red pillers.

The Infinite Plane Society is the vangaurd of what might be viewed best as a philosophical movement in the sense that our assessment is based upon a different understanding of what media is resulting from rejecting the epistemological inversion of interpreting the world through the lens of the mass media filter.

To uncritically accept mediation without any conscious intervention in the form of skepticism or doubt is to be inducted into a world of subjective belief, a world augmented by untested and likely untestable claims.

This is not merely calling news fake. It takes very little discernment to see a fake news story these days. It's about recognizing the distinction between the internalized representation of the world as accepted by the massified mind and the real thing.

Similar to how people would ask why does the shape of the world matter? People will falter and fail to understand why it matters. I explained it as the difference between being misinformed, uninformed, and informed. Does it make sense to be lied to about everything and not know the difference between real and fake? No. Does it make sense to not know what everybody else believes and still have no idea what's going on?

The most sensible position is to be informed. To know what is knowable, to know what is fake, and to understand where the heavily mediated minds are at. The power of the elite is exercised through the compliance of the massified Mind. This is a major reason why it matters.

Second, by not believing it but understanding it and knowing what is being promulgated, one can break free of the negative side effects of the new cycle of abuse: the emotional dysregulation, downs, the unending streams of Lies and propaganda.

The Infinite Plane Radio Press Pass is held by more than 150 people. The purpose of being an above-ground media organization is going to become clear now. What I am saying is that anybody pushing main stream or alternative main stream is actually part of this religious propagation of worldview. .


What we are doing is the right thing. We don’t have an alternate belief system but a suggested operating system and methodology rooted in skepticism. This is about a change in the individuals operating system; turning on bullshit filters and pushing back against consensus reality and replacing it with objective reality.

The Massfied Mind is Detached from reality in the same way Truman was cut off from the real world. They didn’t actually need a physical structure. All you need are lies and people will keep themselves in a box. And they don’t know they’re in a box because they’ve never seen outside of it

It’s not just about five or six fake events. Or percentage of fake events. It’s about what they have done to mass perception. The massified mind is unaware its in in a box because they’ve never seen outside of it

"The Infinite Plane Society is a philosophical movement that challenges traditional perspectives on media and human knowledge. It was founded on the rejection of the "epistemological inversion" of interpreting the world through the lens of the mass media filter. The society does not necessarily propose that the Earth is an infinite plane but rather emphasizes that the observable plane is all that we can perceive and that assuming a boundary for the sake of creating a model is illogical. It suggests that even if the Earth is a sphere, it will always appear flat to humans, and if one were to travel in a straight line, they would either circle back around a large enough sphere or find that there is more to the world than previously assumed. This perspective places the edge of human knowledge at the edge of space, challenging conventional notions about the universe's expansion from the Big Bang.

The society also criticizes the "Dome" proposition, which posits that the land we know is all there is, without attempting to answer what lies beyond this supposed dome. The Infinite Plane Society aims to break free from the negative effects of the news cycle, such as emotional dysregulation and the perpetuation of lies and propaganda, by understanding the distinction between the world as represented by the mass media and the reality of it.

The society is known for its live-streamed discussions and podcasts that delve into various topics, including the nature of reality, the media, and the flat Earth theory. It is often associated with the flat Earth movement, although its focus is broader and encompasses a critique of how information is disseminated and perceived."

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Tim Ozman, the host of Infinite Plane Radio. Author of The World Stage Deprogramming Guide and the Autohoaxology 101 curriculum.